This guide will tell you about how to make animated gifs and where you can find animated gifs.

Animated gifs can be found all over the internet. However most animated gifs are

copyrighted and you should get permission from the owner to use them. Some top places

to get animated gifs are:

1. Mobile9 Mobile9 has over 500,000 animated gifs on their website.

Go tot his link here to find some.

2. Mobinations is another good place, but you must first register to download them.


3. You can also search Google for other sources.

I on the other hand prefer to make my own animated gifs. There are many good software

you can download to make animated gifs. You can add animation to downloaded


One of the best downloads is called DPAnimation however they cost close to $40 USD

but is well worth the price. Dpanimation can be bought and purchased from.

You can also use to make animated gifs but they end up being small

and have a blingee stamp onto them.

A Good Free software you can download to add rain/snow and water effects to images to

turn into animated gifs is called Sqirlz Water reflections. Sqirlz Can be downloaded at

the link below.

If you are into glitter effects and sparkles then you can pay a cheap yearly subscription

to glitterboo and add cool glitter effects to backgrounds to make into animated gifs.

  • You can also go to the links below to find resources and software on animated gifs.
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  • 2.
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