To Create Programming Apps

The demand for application development skills is therefore growing at a breathtaking pace. These skills, however, are multi-¬‐ faceted, requiring students to master computer science and engineering principles, to learn the details of specific mobile application platforms, and to design artistic and engaging user interfaces that respond to how, where and why handheld applications are used. This section gets you started with the bare-bones basics Programming of Android Apps. It covers all like Program for Android, installing and configuring the necessary software and how to make and test very simple applications. To create Apps it’s necessary to be aware with the Android SDK (Software Development Kit) and how to use it with Eclipse. Android apps create an intelligent code editor capable of advanced code completion, refactoring, and code analysis for programming of Android Apps. Well complete applications can be compiled and installed using traditional development tools.[19] However, according to the Android documentation, NDK should not be used solely for developing applications only because the developer prefers to program in C/C++, as using NDK increases complexity while most applications would not benefit from using it.


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