Hey there, my name is Daniel…

The purpose of this site is to act as a resource and launching pad enabling you to achieve the same amount of success I did with the ability to make money with simple animated wallpapers.

For me, it's about giving back as well as saying thank you to the Android community that has been so damn good to me.

For you… It's about taking a really simple concept and turning it into a cash money machine, that you will be able to set up on auto-pilot. I am an ex-mortgage broker that went from working 12-15 hour days, and having literally a sofa couch in the office, to having anautomated money making machine that makes me money 24 hours a day on automatic pilot mode.

I love the famous marketing advise I received about focusing on selling the equipment to dig for gold rather than spending the money buying a goldmine. In other words, why spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on buying traffic when you can focus your efforts on supplying the platform for these advertisers to pay you to advertise their offers. That's right! I said pay YOU! I will provide you with the tools that you need to show you how you can make money by creating your first GIF WALLPAPER themed Android application to publish on Google Play. By doing so, you will have a platform ready for advertisers to promote their targeted products and pay you handsomely for doing this. HOW AWESOME IS THAT??

This is not rocket science. You are simply redirecting network ad dollars into your pocket. Create an application---install the advertising code we provide to you---install this into GOOGLE PLAY (and additional outside platforms as well) WALLAH…let the money roll in.

IOS/APPLE applications have been the big kid on the block in terms of creating an application, publishing and making money....That's of course if you took advantage of their platform 3 to 4 years ago when it was actually easy to upload an application.

IOS APPLICATION APPROVAL...........up to a month for your first approval ANDROID APPLICATION APPROVAL........about 15 to 20 minutes

I took a very basic concept of the ability to make money with a GIF image and turned it into an automatic revenue earner. I was tired of developing wallpapers and then having to hire a developer to install the advertising code into the application. It was costly and in many instances, the advertising code was not installed correctly at all. Why not have an automated application that with the click of a button configures your GIF image with YOUR choice of the ad-network you want to make money with. Its that easy

I hope you enjoy using this really awesome MAGIC GENIE APPS maker, as much as we did making it for you.
Enough reading...go make some money!! bottom_andro.png

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